🌴 The #1 RECORDING STUDIO MIAMI 'S Talking About...

🌴 The #1 Recording Studio MIAMI'S Talking About...

Noisematch Studios Miami

Miami's Premier Music Production Studio & Content Factory

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Home of the New Miami Sound.

Since the initial development of our recording studio by all-star musician/music producer/performer Alex J in 2012, the Noisematch Group has been a big part of some of the world’s most notable records, launched exciting music careers for some of your favorite artists, & empowered music professionals with Musicmastermind.TV. 

As a result of our persistent pursuit of excellence, we’ve made Miami proud time & time again through numerous prestigious awards.

Moreover, we will continue aspiring towards greatness and we appreciate your continued support. Please scroll down for information on what we do and how to pursue possible synergies.

Studio Sessions to date...
Grammyβ„’ Award-winning Projects
RIAAβ„’ Award-winning Projects
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Recording Studio Miami | The control room at Noisematch Studios in Miami, FL | Recording Studio

Studio Services

Let our expert team help you through the entire creative process through recording, mixing & mastering of your next musical masterpiece.

Recording Studio Miami | Career Development Services

Career Development Services

Let's help you take the leap unto the next level of your professional music career whether you just started or you're a label artist on your way to stardom.

MusicMastermind.TV modules

Online Professional Music Academy: for Producer & Artists

Let's help you take the leap unto the next level of your professional music career whether you just started or you're a label artist on your way to stardom.


Artist Development Services

Navigating the professional music landscape is tough. We've been able to successfully create frameworks for both independent artists & some of the top names in music in a multitude of genres. We provide standalone music manager services for artists of all levels. Let's hop on a 60 minute consulting call and plan the next level of your music career, wether you're trying to figure out how to get better numbers on all platforms or monetize your career. We can help you get to your goals FASTER!

Studio A&R Services

Brand Development

Marketing Strategy Development

Social Media Content Rollout

Playlisting Services

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Music Production

If you want to elevate your music game then Alex J & his team are the answer. He's taken artists from zero to superstars & has the musical pedigree & finesse to take your music to award-winning levels, regardless of the genre!

Film Scoring

Are you working on your next big film project and need some music for it? Let's help you shape your vision through an incredible soundtrack.

Session Musicians

We have access to some of the most incredible musicians & singers in the world. You've heard them in your favorite records, supporting some of the top music names you know & love. Now you can know get them on your team too.

STUDIO Services

Mixing is what shapes the overall sound of any good record. We implement the most cutting-edge tools & powerful mixing techniques to get you that big studio sound.

Mastering is the finishing touch towards any musical masterpiece. Picture mixing but for a stereo track. You don't only want your track to be loud but enjoyable for reproduction regardless of the medium it's played in.

We have an incredibly unique setup, somewhat of a hybrid between a pro music studio, a cine studio & a broadcast studio. We create content that is dynamic & fun but cinematic as well.

Alex J | Music Producer | Noisematch Studios Miami


Get That BIG Miami Studio Sound!

Alexjlogo LIGHT | Noisematch Recording Studio Miami

Are you ready for that BIG studio award-worthy sound from one of the top music production studios in the US? Let Alex J take you there! He's got over 500 sessions and 20 commercial projects under his belt and is associated with some of the biggest records in the history of music.

Professional Audio Mixing Services

Starting at $80/track!


Audio mixing is what defines a sonic identity. It's a very artistic and subjective process. It's what enables music to have a memorable effect. Let's find your sonic signature together and give you that BIG studio sound you're looking for!

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audio mastering | mastering audio | audio mastering service


Mastering Services

Starting at $180/track!


Most people underestimate the power of mastering. It is not only about how loud can your record be but how expressive and bold it can be without losing its essence! If you're ready for a record that can hold it's weight amongst the giants of music, then we can help you achieve it!

Session Musicians

We have a roster of some of the top sessions musicians in the country and around the US. Let's help you shape your musical vision by adding some amazing live instrumentation to your tracks. We do virtual sessions remotely from Noisematch Studios & you can tune in as we track .

In-studio Video Production

Whether you're looking to record a cover for Youtube, IG or Tiktok or your next LiveStream from a beautiful & controlled environment, we're the best recording studio Miami can offer. Simply put we have more than a decade of experience in handling audiovisual projects intertwining film-making and music. There's tons of important details in musical performances that can be missed by the common film-making eye. Our specialty is capturing and enhancing every musical moment flawlessly to compliment the story behind the music.


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Music Production
Do you offer entry-level budget production?

Sadly we don't. Our process is a very refined one and it takes a lot of moving parts to achieve the beautiful results we all want. It's a complete team effort and that requires a bit more than a starter budget. If you're not ready for the big leagues just yet but you're up for the adventure, we do offer pro music production courses through MusicMastermind.TV you can check out.

How much does it cost to produce a track with you?Β 

Every music project is unique and will have specific requirements that will directly affect pricing. No one music project is alike. Some projects are heavily focused on digital production with very few elements & some require tons of live musicians and vocal overdubs. Our best recommendation if you're serious about your music investment ($,$$$) is getting in touch with our team so we can find a budget that fits your vision.

Studio Rates
How much for studio time? What are your rates?

We're not like most recording studios in Miami & operate a little differently. When it comes to music & audio we focus solely on music production, mixing, mastering projects. Sadly we do not offer standalone studio time.

Do you offer hourly recording?Β 

Sadly we don't offer standalone recording packages. We do offer music production services that include recording.

How much is a studio session in Miami?Β 

Well, that varies from studio to studio. Some offer basic recording packages that can start as low as $50/hour all the way up-to north of $500/hour.

For Rappers
Where do rappers record in Miami?

It really depends on their budget and level of craft. If you want the highest quality you can get so that you can rub shoulder's with today's heavy hitters, then we're your HQ.

About us
Are you really the best recording studio in Miami?

Even though popular opinion says that we're the best recording studio Miami can offer, we'll let you be the judge! You can check out our track record. When people search for "recording studio near me" somehow, someway they end up here! πŸŽΈπŸ™πŸΌ

Are you guys close to South Beach?

Even though different online sources have rated us as one of the best recording studios in Miami beach, if not the best Miami beach recording studio; we're close to it but not in Miami Beach per se. We're actually 10 minutes away in the Buena Vista sector of Miami (next to the design district). Please check out the map in teh contact section for your reference.