Video Production Services

Let's transform your vision into a reality!

What We Do...

In-studio performances

Are you planning a live performance of your original music or covers? We're specialists in film & music synchronicity.

Behind the scenes (BTS)

There's nothing like the power of a good story. Let's tell the world about your project & your process.

Social media content

Content is king! We offer competitive packages so that you can produce high-end music content consistently with a budget that makes sense.

Music video feature

Looking to record your next feature music video? Look no further! We work with some of the best the best music video directors in the country. Let's help you find the right fit!

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We're Music 1st!

We are trusted by our clients and have a reputation for the best services both in the studio & in the field!

Multi-cam sync

We can do everything from 1 camera to a multi-cam livestream shoot!

Never miss a shot!

In order to have an incredible music performace on video, there needs to be a high level of musical awareness guiding the filmmaker's hand. This is what we're experts in!